Pause for Reflection


This resource has been produced to support teachers in providing spiritual development in primary schools. In developing this idea for creating a focus for reflection in the classroom, its intention is to help teachers to provide the opportunity for children to think about their own feelings, relationships and their ability to make a difference to their communities.


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Each reflective area is set up to include:

  • A title that explains the focus of reflection
  • Something visual – artefacts and/or pictures that the child can handle
  • Some words that relate the focus to the child’s experience
  • A suggested activity for the child to do (often with a box underneath the display that contains the means to do this)

It is intended that children who take part in these activities will develop a range of skills, including:

  • Interpretation
  • Reflection
  • Empathy
  • Application
  • Expression
  • Self-understanding


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