Pause to Reflect on Values


Pause to Reflect on Values features interactive and reflective areas focussing on 18 Christian values and will support the ‘Values for Life’ framework which is used by numerous church and community schools to explore and reflect on values that are important to their communities.

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Each reflective area is set up to include:

  • A title that explains the value that is the focus of the reflection
  • A visual focus – artefacts and/or pictures that the child can handle
  • Words that relate the focus to the child’s experience
  • A suggested activity in response to the reflection

From elements contained within this resource, we are hopeful that schools can capture the allegiance of the hearts of children by:

  • Bringing fresh vision to their imagination
  • Sensitively making them aware of creative possibilities of fostering human dignity in school.
  • Encouraging them to act compassionately and wisely as members of a community that holds particular values.