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We are delighted to share our most recent resource… Experience Easter Outside! Why not take a look at our new video which shows our resource in action. To find out more click on the icon of the front cover below.

All that you do is truly inspirational and such a resource for the whole church

+ Robert, Bishop of Tewkesbury

Jumping Fish Ltd® publications support spiritual development, collective worship and RE teaching in schools.

Our high quality and user-friendly resources also help churches make links with their local schools.

Jumping Fish works in partnership with the Diocese of Gloucester, sharing the vision of LIFE from John 10:10 (NIV)

I have come that they may have LIFE, and have it to the full.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website.

To email, please do so using: jumpingfish@glosdioc.org.uk

Quick check in! Are we growing well? Our Collective Worship resource ‘Explore…Wise Ways for Living’ encourages us to be inspired by the Benedictine Monks to grow a little bit more like Jesus every day. https://buff.ly/447qggL
@Glosdioc @Glosdiocschools

How are you Experiencing Advent this year? Why not us our resource within a school or worshipping community to Experience the journey through the weeks of Advent. To find out more, visit https://buff.ly/493u7hN @GlosDioc @glosdiocschools @BishGloucester @bptewkesbury

Great to see our own @JumpingFish10 attending the Bristol Diocesan Board of Education annual conference today, sharing publications with Bristol school leaders! #DioceseofBristol #education #educationconference @bristoldiocese

Have you been able to enjoy the outdoors? Why not consider a prayer walk within your school or local community. Here’s a prayer to help you along the way 😄
https://buff.ly/3CQREEk @GlosDioc @GlosDiocSchools

Pray Like Hannah is a month of daily prayers, based around the ordinary things
that are happening in your life and encouraging you to pray for the children in your community and beyond. Why not explore what’s on offer within @GlosDioc @glosdiocschools #PrayLikeHannah

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