Growing Together Pages

Growing Together has been designed to offer families the opportunity to continue to explore Christian themes and ideas that have been introduced in school or church.

Upon purchase, as well as receiving a hard copy of these pages, the resource will also be available to you as an electronic download, allowing it to be easily shared with households. These downloads are password protected and available on this website. A hard copy of this resource is also available to purchase in our online shop.

This resource is free for churches and schools that are part of the Diocese of Gloucester. The password can be accessed by contacting and providing your name, postcode and parish or school details.

For each month, there is an attractive, double sided sheet of engaging ideas for families to talk through and do together. These include stories, games, craft ideas, prayer activities and ways to help others. The themes for the months are:

January – Who is Jesus? When Jesus was a child what did it mean for him to be God’s son?

February – Who loved first? Did people love God first or did God love people first?

March – What does Lent mean to Christians? Time to make room for God.

April – What difference does Easter make? God’s love is stronger than human hatred.

May – What is the Holy Spirit? Finding God within us.

June – How do we grow in God? Being with God can change our experiences, making them differently beautiful.

July and August – Did Jesus have fun? Let’s find out!

September – Why did God make the world as it is?

‘And God saw that is was good’ (Genesis 1 NRSV) How do you see it?

October – Is there room for God in Halloween? Exploring God’s mystery – scary but safe, fun and fabulous.

November – What is church for? Explore remembering and celebrating.

December – What is Christmas about? Think about God with us.