Explore… An Artist’s View of God in Collective Worship


Based on art by Eloise Hopkins, this resource offers a series of worship focusing on:

  • Catching a Glimpse of God – explores the Christian belief that God cares for people at all times, like a mother eagle with her young.
  • Made in God’s Image – considers the Christian belief that everyone is made in God’s image, even ourselves and those sitting next to us.
  • The Heart of a Mother in the Heart of God – examines the Christian belief that God cares for people, even in their most difficult times.
  • Finding God – explores the idea that Christians can meet God, even in very unexpected ways.
  • Looking again at God –  explores how Christians may view God and view each other.
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This booklet accompanies a series of Power Points available for each act of worship and can be used in whole school worship or classroom worship. Upon purchase, these downloads are available on our website.

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