Explore… Wise Ways for Living in Collective Worship


Inspired by the example set by the rule of Benedict, this resource explores how to live well through the following themes:

  1. Growing Well – explores what it might be like to grow a little bit more like Jesus every day.
  2. Getting on Well with Others – considers what it would be like to treat everyone as though they were as special as Jesus Christ.
  3. Making Time for Play – reflects on how holidays, might be a little like ‘holy’ days and encourages cherishing the chance to pause and play.
  4.  Different Ways to Pray – explores fresh ideas of how to pray.
  5. Working Willingly – celebrates a positive approach to work.
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This booklet accompanies a series of Power Points available for each act of worship and can be used in whole school worship or classroom worship. Upon purchase, these downloads are available on our website.

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