Eucharist Journey


Eucharist Journey is an interactive and creative way to engage primary school children in learning about the Eucharist. The terms Eucharist, Holy Communion, Lord’s Supper and Mass are all used in this resource to describe this central act of Christian worship.

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‘Eucharist Journey’ follows a similar pattern to other Experience Journeys in the series such as Experience Pentecost and Experience Church. These materials have proved extremely popular in a wide range of contexts from tiny rural parishes to major cathedrals in our large cities.

The six stations that comprise Eucharist Journey are designed to be located in different parts of the church building and led by members of the local worshipping community. Each station takes as its focus a key Christian symbol.

  1. Welcome – Symbols: water and flame
  2. Forgiven – Symbol: cross
  3. Peace – Symbol: dove
  4. Invited – Symbol: bread
  5. United – Symbols: wine (one cup)
  6. Sent – Symbol: empty tomb

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