Experience Easter


An interactive way to explore the Easter story with children.
Experience Easter was written to resource churches to help children and young people explore the Easter story.

Six stations cover key moments in the Easter narrative, exploring the events of Holy Week in ways that are interactive and stimulating.

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‘Experience Easter’ follows a similar pattern to other Experience Journeys in the series such as Experience Christmas and Experience Harvest. These materials have proved extremely popular in a wide range of contexts from tiny rural parishes to major cathedrals in our large cities.

Within this resource, the interactive stations display the following topics:

  1. Future Hopes – The story of Palm Sunday
  2. Servant King – Jesus washes the Disciples’ Feet
  3. Remember Me – The Last Supper.
  4. Alone – The Garden of Gethsemane.
  5. The Cross – Symbol of Hope.
  6. Resurrection – New Life.

‘The Experience Easter Journey hosted by our local church was both profound and moving’ – Class Teacher

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