Experience Harvest


Experience Harvest offers an interactive way to explore the rich harvest of our land and the spiritual harvest of our lives. It will enable children to gain a fuller understanding of the significance of nature’s cycles of growth, and to explore Christians beliefs about how the spirit of God produces growth in character, in what the Bible calls “Fruit of the Spirit”.

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‘Experience Harvest’ follows a similar pattern to other Experience Journeys in the series such as Experience Easter and Experience Christmas. These materials have proved extremely popular in a wide range of contexts from tiny rural parishes to major cathedrals in our large cities.

Within this interactive way of exploring the rich harvest of land and the spiritual harvest of life, stations display the following topics:

  1. Harvest of the garden – Patience
  2. Harvest of the ocean – Peace
  3. Harvest of the flock – Humility
  4. Harvest of the grain – Generosity
  5. Harvest of the earth – Joy
  6. Harvest Thanksgiving – Faithfulness