Experience Lent


New for January 2022!

Lent is an important time in the Christian calendar and yet it is often a challenge to explain the significance of Lent to children. These interactive ideas offer children a chance to hear about and reflect on the journey of Lent in an accessible and appropriate manner.

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‘Experience Lent’ follows a similar pattern to other Experience Journeys in the series such as Experience Easter and Experience Christmas. These materials have proved extremely popular in a wide range of contexts from tiny rural parishes to major cathedrals in our large cities.

Within this resource, the interactive stations display the following topics:

  1. Lengthening – Preparing for Easter and Preparing for Christian Living
  2. Letting Go – A Focus on Shrove Tuesday
  3. Life Choices – A Focus on Ash Wednesday
  4. Listening – Lent is for Hearing God
  5. Following – A Focus on Dealing with the Temptations
  6. Keeping Going – Lent is for all of Life

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